Welcome guys!

This is my personal website, made for nothing but displaying my personal accomplishments and uploading my projects.

I write a bunch of stuff, I draw, and I build computers. Also, my mind very crazy rollercoaster ride full of useless garbadge. I like it better that way, to be honest. People are always like, Jared! Why are you so loud, and insane, and creative, and handsome?! I respond with an erect posture and a confident tone, "get out of my face heathen!", as I have realised that the only reason somebody would be complimenting you would to be sucking up or being sarcastic. Either that or they love you. My age will not be disclosed, as it is not important. People tend to judge due to age, and I believe that age does not matter. People can be wise no matter how young or old they are. I game quite a bit, and my favorite game by far is DOTA 2. Sniper rules. I also enjoy horror games, like SCP Containment breach and Cry of Fear. My first computer build was called the "Budget Hero", oweing to the fact that it cost only three hundred dollars to build and runs faster than an $800 Alienware gaming tower. I build them for friends on tight budgets as well. I will soon upload the specs of the Budget Hero, as I would love to see them popularized. I am ever so gifted in playing the largest brass insturment, the tuba. Favorites? Well, I enjoy many genres of music, but my favorites are electronic dance music, screamo, classical, acoustic, and rock. My favorite color is actually orange, although at times it may seem like it is blue because of the frequency on the page. Food is an easy one. Chocolate ice cream. Favorite graphic novel? V for Vendetta. My favorite show is either Adventure Time or The Office. My favorite body function is childbirth. Just kidding. Possibly. My favorite movie is The Matrix, due to concept. Also, the last time I talked to somebody with swag was when I asked for a large order of fries. Well, thats just about it. Check out my other stuff!


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